About Us

UAB Transavis – easy all the way

UAB Transavis – are the professionals of transport and logistics business who know all possible routes for the goods to reach of the destination safely and in time. UAB Transavis offers effective logistics solutions for different modes of transport and provides warehousing and customs brokerage services.

Attentively. Regular direct interaction with the customer is our greatest asset. We believe that everyone should be given consistent attention in line with to his expectations. We listen to the customer’s requests and needs, and choose the most effective logistics solutions.

Directly. We also interact directly with shippers. We learn cargo handling dates, and solve documentation and other issues. We have direct partners around the world and can arrange the collection of your cargo from any point.

Flexibly. We provide services all over the world, and can offer a large range of logistics services to our customers. Expeditiously. We work quickly and assure our customers that the goods will be delivered on time. We are always available and will respond promptly!

Professionally. We can guarantee the service quality as we work ourselves or with the help of direct partners. We also have accumulated rich experience in the field of logistics. Most of our employees have over 20 years of experience in the CIS market.

Effectively. We offer our customers the most efficient cargo transit schemes involving cargo transportation, acquisition, storage, representation in the customs and other authorities.